Our values and philosophy of education...

We are respecting every person and let‘s him be unique.
We based on experiential education, so we seek to create everytime and everywhere educating environment.
We are open to innovations and new challenges, so we try to become a learner organization.

The quality of education for us is...

- safe child: it mean‘s that physical environment is adapted to children‘s age and satisfied their needs for playing and free moving;
- relationships between the child and an adult (good relationships assures child‘s self-esteem, confidence, dignity, comfort and well being);
- purposeful organization of education: the recognizing child‘s power and abilities, and possibility to adapted it for child‘s education, the tasks of week and education activities would be oriented to child‘s education results.
- the pedagogues professionalism and creativity. When teacher notices and supports child's initiative something to know and to discover, he respects child‘s playing...Teacher uses all the environment for comprehensive child‘s education. The special attention we dedicate to education of child‘s critical thinking. We are using the method  „Map of Thinking“... We are proud, that our pedagogues are open for different views, for possitive initiatives, for dialogs and news... Pedagogues all challenges appreciates like new possibilities to create their good luck...

- the quality interaction with child‘s parents (permanent cooperation and information exchange about child and his education; mutual confidence and respect, mutual responsibility for their own actions, an active to take care not only about themselves, but take care about environment, community, country... parent‘s inclusion to education process and everyday actions, to sport competitions. Parents organizes community hikes, they are acting for children. Parents helps us to create an outdoor environment.