The payment of nursery and preschool education

 The amount of the payment set in 2010 year (changed in 2012 and 2017) by the Kaunas city Council.  The payment for education consists of:

1. The payment for child's feeding (it's expenses for food products, whereas we are preparing food in our kindergarten's kitchen - so the are serving food 3 times per day)



payment in nursery



payment in preschool groups




0,48 eur.

0,52 eur. 


0,85 eur.

0,98 eur. 


0,48 eur.

0,52 eur. 

When child eats 3 times per day

1,81 euro

 2,02 euro

When child eats 2 times per day

1,33 euro

1,50 euro

2. The payment for conditions of education improvement  (it's for school maintenance). You will pay 0,58 eur. for every day.